Established in 1974 its current membership stands at around 760 members consisting of some 1200 manufacturers, distributors, contractors and their branches nationally. Their activities are in fenestration, glass and glazing, insulation and ceiling and partitioning industries represented by the following Trade Associations each having its own unique focus:

· AAAMSA – Association of Architectural Aluminium Manufacturers of South Africa
· SABISA – South African Building Interior Systems Association
· SASA – Skylight Association of Southern Africa
· ASDA – Aluminium Stockist and Distributors Association
· SAGGA- South African Glass & Glazing Association
· TIASA – Thermal Insulation Association of Southern Africa
· EPSASA – Expanded Polystyrene Association of Southern Africa
· TPMA – Thermal Panel Manufacturers Association
· SECC - The Specialists Engineering Contractors Committee
· SAGI – The South African Glass Institute
· SAFIERA – The South African Fenestration Insulation Energy Rating Association

National Affiliations:
· MBSA Master Builders South Africa
· JBCC Joint Building Contracts Committee
· SABS South African Bureau of Standards
· SECC Specialist Engineering Contractors Committee
· CETA Construction Education and Training Authority
· CIDB Construction Industry Development Board

International Affiliations:
· AGGA Australian Glass & Glazing Association
· AWA Australian Window Association
· NFRC National Fenestration Rating Council (USA)
· INEPSA International EPS Alliance
· BOBS Botswana Bureau of Standards

Marketing Activities:
The marketing is focussed on the specifier namely Architects, Engineers, Product Managers and Quantity Surveyors. This marketing is done in the shape of Selection Guides and General Specifications which are based on the requirements contained in the National Building Regulations Act and the relevant SABS Standards namely SANS 10400, SANS 10160, SANS 10137, SANS 428 and the like. In addition the following publication and activities offer access to generic product information enabling Specifiers to specify quality products::

· Architect & Specificator (Bi-monthly) – Circulation: 10 000
· AAAMSA Buyers Guide (Annual)
· CPD Presentations to: SAIA – South African Institute of Architects
· ASAQS – The Association of SA Quantity Surveyors
· AAAMSA Group – CD Rom: Technical Specifications
· Specifile & Klassidex Technical Libraries
· Specifying Techniques – Face to Face Marketing

Technical Activities:
· Product Testing (NFRC and SANS 9001 accredited)
~ Window Performance (Mechanical)
~ Mechanical Properties Insulation Material
~ U-value Building System
· Quality Assurance
~ Publication of Members capabilities
~ Certification of products and installations
~ Site investigations

Technical Publication – Specialist Publications – AAAMSA Group – CD-Rom
· AAAMSA - Fenestration
~ AAAMSA Selection Guide for Glazed Architectural Products introducing Energy Efficiency in Fenestration
~ What every Specifier must know about Aluminium, Glass Systems & Products

· ASDA – Aluminium Stockists & Distributors
~ What every Installer must know about Aluminium, Glass Systems & Products
~ Hardware & Door Controls
~ Surface Finishes

· EPSASA – Expanded Polystyrene Manufacturers
~ Selection Guide Introducing Expanded Polystyrene
~ Selection Guide for Expanded Polystyrene Insulation Applications
~ Selection Guide for Recycling of Expanded Polystyrene
~ The whole Truth about Expanded Polystyrene
~ Large-scale fire test without sprinklers – Video
~ Large-scale fire test with sprinklers – Video
~ Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) The Environmental Truth

· SABISA – Ceiling & Partitioning
~ General Specification for Drywall Partitions and lightweight Internal Walls
~ General Specification for Suspended Ceilings

· SAGGA – Glass & Glazing
~ What every Glazier and Building Inspector must know about Aluminium, Glass Systems & Products
~ Selection Guide for Glass in Furniture

· SASA - Skylights
~ Skylights Specification

· SASEMA – Shower Enclosures
~ Shower Enclosure Guide

· TIASA – Thermal Insulation
~ Thermal Insulation Handbook
~ General Specification for Method of Measuring Complete Insulation Installed
~ Thermal Insulation – The invisible Energy Saving
~ Save a Power Station Brochure
~ Guide for the Construction of Energy Comfortable Homes
~ New Fire Standards SANS 428:2008

· TPMA – Thermal Panel Manufacturers
~ Report on the Large-scale fire propaganda properties of a fire-retarded (FR) Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Core Cold Room panel System
~ General Specification for the Design of Cold Store Envelopes incorporating prefabricated insulating panels
~ Large-scale “Cold-room” Fire test: Video

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