Country specific regulations / standards have to be considered before international standards are simply adopted.

The TPMA has, agreed to adopt EN 14509 Self-supporting double skin metal faced insulating panels - Factory made products specification as the guiding document for the testing of thermal insulated panels. The fire performance requirements have been amended to comply with the requirements of the South African National Building Regulations.

This Selection Guide covers self-supporting sandwich panels with double-sided metal facings and a thermal insulating core and will be used as the guiding standard to product testing.

This includes not only the definition of mechanical values, but a number of other important characteristics, such as:
• Thermal transmittance
• Thermal stability of core materials
• Adhesives & bonding
• Mechanical properties of panel
• Durability - Ageing and long-term behaviour
• Fire resistance
• Dimensional tolerances for sandwich panels
• Water and air permeability

The TPMA is in the process of developing a standard to ensure installation instructions and principle details are carefully followed in order to achieve the intended functional performance of self-supporting double skin metal faced insulating panels.